Terms and Conditions– Affiliate Program
1. Any person or business can join, provided they have their own website, or is able to assemble and maintain adult or adult campaigns through web sites that sell Internet traffic.
2. It is forbidden to use the sending of electronic mails of any kind ... Neither by e-mail, nor discussion forums, or chat, etc ... This should be clear, the promotion of products of is restricted EXCLUSIVELY to the use of text links or banners on adult or non adult Web pages. Any other form of promotion is excluded from the program. The member who uses any other means to promote his affiliate link will be excluded immediately from our program and will forfeit any right to recover the commissions generated so far. There are excluded for the purpose of promoting,those websites containing any illegal contents, such as those that promote racism, terrorism, oppression, child pornography, etc. The affiliate is responsible not to include our promotional campaigns in these pages.
3. The participation in this program of an affiliate does not represent, under any circumstances, the establishment of any commercial society nor of any other kind, between the member and The affiliate is an "Independent Distributor". There are no exclusive representations, franchising and/or partnerships between the parties.
4. We reserve the right to remove a member from our program at any time. The member may cancel his membership at any time simply by removing the link from his Web pages.
5. Each member is responsible for reporting and/or paying all his taxes to the proper authorities in his country of residence. The affiliates with companies or self-employed residents in Spain will receive their payments always with the VAT and also, with income tax withholding if applicable. The European Community residents will receive their payments with VAT, except those that accredit to have EU VAT. Members are responsible for declaring their bills, and we declare the VAT and income tax withholding.
6. We guarantee the payment of the amounts purchased by customers that are sent to our website. As well as sales that your customers conduct in the future. 
7. The affiliate is solely responsible for his participation in this affiliate program and responds for his acts that are not in accord with these Terms and Conditions.
8. We are not responsible for any loss, damage and/or losses that may result from the participation of members in this program and/or because of the use or misuse of information contained in any of our promotional materials.
9. When you register as an affiliate, we will keep you updated via email about the techniques you can implement to increase your sales as an Affiliate. We will constantly be updating our promoting systems and informing you of those which give more benefits.
10. As an affiliate, you accept the reception of the pertinent emails to keep you updated on everything stated in paragraph 9.
The Affiliate Team of